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No Man’s Sky PSA: Upgrade Your Warp Drive to Find Prettier and More Unique Planets

no man's sky

No Man’s Sky PSA: Upgrade Your Warp Drive to Find Prettier and More Unique Planets

Well, that makes sense.

If you’ve been finding nothing but barren planets devoid of life since you started playing No Man’s Sky, there might be a really good reason for that. A really good observation made by Reddit user Harvoification indicates that there are different types of star systems in the game, and these different classes provide you varying odds of discovering a lush planet with plentiful or rare resources.

If you take a look at your galactic map, you’ll find that different star systems have different colors: yellow, red, green, and blue. These colors serve as indicator of what class the star system is. Everyone starts off in a yellow star system, and if you only ever follow the waypoints to the center of the galaxy or the Atlas Interfaces, yellow star systems are the only ones you’ll ever visit. In order to get to the rarer systems, you’ll have to upgrade your Hyperdrive to make deeper warp jumps.

According to Harvoification, here’s what you’ll find in the different classes of star systems:

Yellow Stars/Class G or F

These are the default star systems you can travel to from the start of the game. Mostly basic resources can be be found on the planets present within them, and a lot of the planets are barren.

Red Stars/Class K or M

You need a warp reactor sigma upgrade to travel to these stars. Planets will have slightly rarer resources on them, and more planets will be inhabited with fauna and flora.

Green Stars/Class E

You need a warp reactor tau upgrade to have the ability to travel to these systems. They contain even rarer resources and even more planets will be tropical/lush.

Blue Stars/Class B or O

You need a warp reactor theta upgrade to travel to these systems. Planets will have a chance of having even the rarest resources on them, and a higher chance of being lush with plentiful plant and animal life.

After finding out about the different star system classes, I immediately set to work on upgrading my Hyperdrive. In order to get blueprints for the Hyperdrive upgrades, make sure to start exploring residential pods, abandoned facilities, and basically any building you come across during your travels. If you’re lucky, some of the alien NPCs in No Man’s Sky will provide you with blueprints too.

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