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No Man’s Sky PSA: Don’t Go into Black Holes Before Clearing Your Waypoints

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No Man’s Sky PSA: Don’t Go into Black Holes Before Clearing Your Waypoints

Be wary of black holes.

Here’s yet another No Man’s Sky PSA to save you from potential hours of frustration. While venturing through the dark abyss of space, you might come across a black hole every now and again. These black holes are often shortcuts that can get you closer to the center of the universe, which is pretty handy if you can’t wait to discover the mystery that’s waiting for you there.

However, if you already have three waypoints on your galactic map for Atlas Interfaces or whatever else, you might want to hit those up before jumping into a black hole. A black hole will take you somewhere that’s thousands of light years away from your position, and the worst part is, your original three waypoints will remain on your map. You will not be able to take on new objectives that lead you to locations nearer to you until you’ve knocked off the original three. This means that anytime you go to your galactic map, the charted paths will lead you back to the waypoints that you left behind light years away.

It’s unclear whether this was intentional, or if Hello Games will allow players to delete waypoints in a future patch. Either way, I’d advise avoiding black holes in No Man’s Sky for now if you already have active waypoints in the game. Stay safe out there, space nomads!

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