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No Man’s Sky PC vs. PS4: Which Should You Buy?


No Man’s Sky PC vs. PS4: Which Should You Buy?

PC vs PS4

No Man’s Sky is finally available on both the PS4 and the PC after years of waiting for Hello Games’ virtual universe to finally release. While the game has been polarizing to say the least, we over here at Twinfinite thought highly of the weighted emptiness and freedom offered by the vast, cold expanse of space when we dove in on the PS4.

no man's sky

Friday saw the release of the game on the PC, just three days after it landed on Sony’s console. With No Man’s Sky offering an option of what to play on, many prospective players are stuck wondering what’s the better option between the two. Normally players would just go with the better price, but since No Man’s Sky costs the same on both platforms, that is no longer the simple tie-breaker it usually is.

We’re here to help you out with that so you can go home a happy space explorer and find your own meaning among the stars.

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