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No Man’s Sky Guide: How to Survive Tips and Tricks


No Man’s Sky Guide: How to Survive Tips and Tricks

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No Man’s Sky may be predominantly about exploration and discovery, but that doesn’t mean you’re wandering the endless expanse of space without fear of harm. There are many threats lurking out in the universe that would like nothing more than to make you regret ever leaving that very first planet you awoke on. Alas, it is up to you to have the drive to survive.

Of course, you do have some means to ensure your survival. It’s a cruel universe but there are different systems, mechanics, resources, and species that will aid you as you make it to the very end (however far that may be).

Before we get into helping you survive, we need to mention that their are some spoilers up ahead. While we will steer clear of any story tidbits, the mere mention of certain locations may rob you of that first discovery. The tip that we feel is the most major spoiler will be on the final page.

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