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No Man’s Sky: How to Charge Your Weapons and Technology


No Man’s Sky: How to Charge Your Weapons and Technology

Keep everything topped up.

Charging Weapons and Technology – No Man’s Sky

In No Man’s Sky, all of your gear and equipment need to be charged regularly if you want to keep using them. For instance, if you let your life support meter drop to zero, you’ll start taking damage until you charge it up again. In order to charge up your gear, you’ll need to mine isotopes to do so.

First off, hitting the scan button on your scanner will allow you to see what kinds of resources can be found in your local environment. The red icons are the ones you’re looking for – these are isotopes, and you can mine them to fuel your gear. Do take note that your Launch Thrusters can only be charged by Plutonium, so it’s best to rely on other types of isotopes for the rest of your stuff. Carbon and Thamium9 are pretty common isotopes, and you can rely on these to charge up your Exosuit and Multi-tool.

Occasionally, you’ll also come across power cells that can charge up your gear too. Simply bring up your inventory menu, tab over to whichever piece of equipment you wish to charge, then hover over the item and press the corresponding button to charge it up. Make sure you have the isotopes with you in your Exosuit inventory so that you can charge your stuff.

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