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No Man’s Sky: Can You Have Multiple Save Files?


No Man’s Sky: Can You Have Multiple Save Files?

Multiple Save Files – No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is finally out on PS4 and players are busy exploring the huge expansive universe that lies before them. With such a huge world to explore and three different branching decision paths to choose from at the beginning, there’s a good chance that players will want to have multiple save files to ensure they see as much of what the game can offer as possible. Due to this, many players may be interested in having multiple save files.

Unfortunately, No Man’s Sky does not allow for this. The game only features one save slot which is autosaved into when the player enters and exits their ship, and when they discover a new building or area. You can reload this save, but the game essentially kills you, meaning you’ll lose all of the items and resources you’d acquired on your journey and take you all the way back to where you last saved. That means no multiple save files for when a tough decision comes up and you want to see how each one plays out. You can still head to your grave spot and pick up your lost items, but you’ll have to be careful.

While the temptation to set up a new game is always present, the amount of content in No Man’s Sky is probably enough to keep you occupied for a good few years at the very least. Hopefully, the need for a new save won’t affect too many of you.

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