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No Man’s Sky Gets Patched on PC, 70% of Support Requests Fixed

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No Man’s Sky Gets Patched on PC, 70% of Support Requests Fixed

Thankfully, the patches are not procedurally generated.

A little over a week after its PC launch, No Man’s Sky has received three patches from an “incredibly busy” Hello Games. According to the studio, these patches fix around 70% of support requests they have received, and work is presently underway to address the remaining 30%.

The first patch most notably fixes problems with Alt-Tab, adds support for AMD Phenom processors and fixes framerate stuttering due to shader caching. Owners of AMD Radeon 6xxx cards will also be pleased to know that their GPU will now be supported by the game.

Patch number two fixes a bunch of bugs and crashes. One important bug that was fixed in this patch caused players to be stuck underground because their ship got shot down and reached “ridiculous” speeds as it descended. Players will also no longer warp inside a freighter when warping into battles.

Patch three fixes more crashes, and even allows players to load saves that have become corrupted. Players will also no longer be stranded inside a space station if they died in a damaged ship within a planet’s atmosphere.

For the full patch notes, check out Hello Games’ post on the Steam Community.

When No Man’s Sky launched on PC last week, it was met with poor reception from the Steam user community. While this has improved since, the game still maintains a “Mixed” status on Steam’s user reviews, with 54% positive reviews and 46% negative ones. Many of the criticisms leveled in the negative reviews were related to performance and stability, so Hello Games’ rapid patching might make a difference on that front.


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