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Is a Proper Metroid Prime Sequel Teased at the End of Federation Force?

Metroid Prime

Is a Proper Metroid Prime Sequel Teased at the End of Federation Force?

Or does Nintendo just likes messing with us.

Warning Metroid Prime: Federation Force spoilers ahead. Read ahead at your own risk!

Although it has finally been released, Metroid Prime: Federation Force continues to be a source of controversy. It has received mixed reviews from both critics and fans alike, and will always be a lightning rod for criticism from passionate Samus fans that will write it off forever for not including the series’ titular hero.

All of that being said, fans clamoring for a proper follow up to the Metroid Prime series may have something to get excited about if a Federation Force post-credit ending theory is to be believed. 

YouTube channel GameXplain has broken down the post-credit scene of Federation Force, and makes a compelling case for a future game that features a conflict between Samus and Metroid Prime Hunters bounty hunter, Sylux.

You can watch the video via GameXplain below for the full breakdown, but essentially what happens is that a Metroid egg that is recovered at some point during Federation Force is tampered with by a figure that appears to be Sylux. According to GameXplain, Metroid Prime producer Kensuke Tanabe has expressed interest in creating a game that revolves around Samus and Sylux. The 100% ending of Metroid Prime 3 hints at that, and the ending here in Federation Force seems to be furthering that plot development.

Take it with a grain of salt, but it certainly seems plausible. I doubt Nintendo wants to go through the drama of releasing another Samus-free Metroid game again. So if you’re a gambler, the safe bet is that the next game, whether it is Metroid Prime 4 or something else, will feature Samus and probably will have Sylux in there too as some kind of antagonist. That is of course unless Nintendo enjoys teasing things across multiple games and then never has those hints actually realized in a game just to mess with people. Yeah let’s not give them any ideas.

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