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Mario Turns up at the Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony

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Mario Turns up at the Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony

Sonic, on the other hand, was nowhere to be found.

Yesterday marked the end of the Rio Olympics 2016, and the 16 day event was finalized by a fantastical closing ceremony, which lasted for almost three hours.

A traditional aspect to the closing ceremony has been the passing of the torch to the country assigned to hold the Olympics in 4 years time, and Brazil handed over the reigns to Japan last night, who are set to host the event in 2020.

In one of the most spectacular cosplays of all time, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made his entrance to the stage wearing a Mario hat and emerging out of a warp pipe.

This followed a video in which Mario himself was seen taking the pipe all the way from Tokyo to Rio de Janeiro in order to make it in time to the closing ceremony.

If you’re in North America, you can watch the video on NBC’s YouTube page here, but the broadcasting network are currently cracking down on anyone else posting it on the web.

The character of Mario was, of course, originally created by Shigeru Miyamoto, who hails from Japan himself and still works for Nintendo to this day.


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