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Man Plays Pokemon GO While Driving, Kills One Woman

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Man Plays Pokemon GO While Driving, Kills One Woman

Just don’t play and drive.

Last night in Tokushima, Japan, 37 year-old Keiji Goh was playing Pokemon GO while driving on the road. As a result, he ended up running over two women in the street, leaving one with serious injuries, and the other fatally wounded.

According to ANN (via Kotaku), the woman who passed away from the accident was 72 year-old Sachiko Nakanashi. She was sent to the hospital quickly after the accident, but passed away soon after. The other woman, 60 year-old Kayoko Igawa, fortunately survived the accident, but was left with serious injuries as well.

In a separate report by Japanese news outlet NHK, Goh admitted that he was using the app behind the wheel, and was thus unable to see or pay attention to what was going on in front of him.

Pokemon GO is now available on iOS and Android devices. The app comes with multiple warning messages that tells players not to use it while driving, or trespass into restricted areas. Players should probably heed these warnings, for the sake of safety.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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