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The Latest Westworld Trailer is Here

Westworld, HBO

The Latest Westworld Trailer is Here

Boy, have we got a vacation for you!

After months of speculation, teases and anticipation, HBO have finally revealed our biggest look into their upcoming Westworld remake yet, with a two minute trailer that truly delivers on the goods.

Check it out below.

As you can see, we get glimpses of both the West World itself, as well as the real world that created it, which is where Anthony Hopkins’ character of Dr. Robert Ford comes in. There looks set to be a lot of tension between him and  Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores Abernathy, who seems to be struggling with the reality that her world is just a simulation.

The trailer couldn’t have not revealed The Gunslinger himself, of course, and we’re subsequently treated to plenty of Ed Harris clearly chewing up the scenery with the role.

The sci-fi series is a retelling of the original 1973 western-thriller movie of the same name, and is set to premiere on Sunday, October 2nd at 9pm, later this year.

If that timing sounds familiar, it’s because this is typically when HBO airs Game of Thrones during each season run, so it looks like the network are banking on Westworld becoming just as popular.

Here’s hoping it lives up to its potential!


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