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Meet the Villains of Mafia III, the Ruthless Italian Mob

Mafia III The Marcanos

Meet the Villains of Mafia III, the Ruthless Italian Mob

Every good revenge story needs a good villain.

Continuing the steady steam of new trailers and profiles for Mafia III, 2K and Hanger 13 have finally put together a quick look at the villains you’ll be taking on. The Marcano family owns New Bordeaux, and they are the antagonists on whom Lincoln Clay has set his sights.

Though the trailer doesn’t go into much detail about each individual member of the Italian mob family, it quickly sets the stage for the conflict at the heart of Mafia III. “The Marcano family – led by Sal Marcano – has maintained a stranglehold on the city for as long as many can remember. Four brothers, bound to the mob their entire lives, are at a crossroads,” a post on the game’s website reads.

“Sal’s son, Giorgi, wants to help usher in a new era even now as Lincoln Clay tries to tear the old ways apart. What is the next step for the Cosa Nostra? And who will take it?”

This is the fifth of six trailers giving players a glimpse at the upcoming game. Look for the final feature in the near future. Mafia III hits PS4, Xbox One, and PC Oct. 7. To get caught up, feel free to check out all the recent trailers, including a run-through of New Bordeaux’s neighborhoods and introductions to some of the game’s other major players.

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