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Madden 17 MUT: How to Get Tickets and What They Are


Madden 17 MUT: How to Get Tickets and What They Are

Learn how to earn tickets.

In Madden 17’s Ultimate Team (MUT) and Draft Champions modes, tickets play an important role in participating in the game’s premier competitions. New to both modes are the addition of ranked events, which require tickets to enter. While there are versions of these events that don’t need tickets, their rewards aren’t nearly as lucrative. So if you’re feeling brave enough and you’re confident in your MUT and/or Draft Champions squad, you’ll want to give those events a try. As of now, all events require three tickets to enter.

However, tickets are quite the rare commodity, so you want to be careful using them, especially in Ultimate Team. Currently as of Season 1, MUT’s ranked mode features Salary Cap rules, which means your team needs to be under a certain number cap determined by skill. If you’re going to participate in this event and use your tickets, be sure that your team is as close to that cap as possible to remain competitive. Why am I telling you this, you might be asking yourself? Because the first step to getting tickets is not wasting the ones you have. If you don’t feel confident that you’ll win, play a different mode.

To get more tickets in Madden 17, you need to purchase them either with coins or real-life money. You can do that via the Ultimate Team marketplace. Spending coins on anything other than players is a drag though, so it’s really important that you don’t waste your tickets entering competitions you can’t win, so be careful.

In addition to buying them, you can also earn tickets in Madden 17 by succeeding in these ranked events. So if you win enough games, you can get a partial, or even full refund of your tickets. Obviously, if you’re good enough, that’s the way to go!

That does it for how to get tickets in Madden 17 Ultimate Team and Draft Champions! Still having trouble? Let us know in the comments and we’ll see if we can help.

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