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Madden 17 Franchise Mode: How to Trade


Madden 17 Franchise Mode: How to Trade

Learn how to wheel and deal

In Madden 17, trading is a crucial part of adding pieces that your team is lacking. In Franchise mode, whether you did a fantasy draft or started with a pre-made team, at some point you’ll want to wheel and deal either players or draft picks to fill a need. You can use trades to your advantage by giving up an area of strength or depth (or the future if you’re dealing in picks), for something you need to make a playoff push.

To trade in Franchise in Madden 17 you need to first go to your Franchise home screen and move over to the manage screen. On the bottom right you’ll see trade center, go there. From there, you can update your trade block which allows you to dangle a player out to the other teams for trade, and have them come to you with offers.

To conduct your own trade, you can go to either use upgrade position or manual trade in the trade center. Upgrade position acts as sort of a step by step trade tool, walking you through each part of the process. You start by selecting which position you want to upgrade, and from there you can scroll through teams to find players from that position. Then you can decide if you want to trade picks and/or players. By forwarding along with the Option button you can eventually submit the trade, and see if it gets accepted, or if it’s declined, get feedback on what the other team is looking for and how close you were to getting them to accept.

If you can deliver on that team’s needs, you have a better chance of getting the trade to go through. For example, if you notice that they have a bad CB, consider trading them one. Draft picks are also a good way to sweeten the pot if you’re trying to trade a lower player for a higher rated player, but be careful not to mortgage your future if you’re planning on playing through multiple seasons. Besides that, it should be self-explanatory. Try to swap players with equal value, keeping in mind positions of need. Use picks if needed to push people over the edge. If you don’t want to give up any players, first and second round picks usually carry very high value and could get you a pretty highly rated player.

Manual trade works similarly except instead of walking you through the process, you start right at the trade screen and have the ability to quickly scroll through all teams and positions and craft the trade from scratch.

That does it for how to trade in Madden 17’s Franchise mode! If you’re still having trouble leave a comment and we can help you out.

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