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Madden 17 Franchise Mode: How to Sign Free Agents


Madden 17 Franchise Mode: How to Sign Free Agents

Learn how to sign free agents.

In Madden 17’s Franchise mode, signing free agents is a good way to fill out your depth chart, or sometimes find a player that can push your team over the edge and help you make the playoffs. While the free agent pool is usually filled with mediocre players (they wouldn’t be free agents if they were stars), you can definitely find solid backups or sometimes even starters if your current players in that position are really bad.

To sign free agents in Madden 17’s Franchise mode, you need to first head over to the manage screen in Franchise and go to the free agents tab. From there, you’ll default to the top 100 free agents available from all positions sorted by overall rating. If you prefer, you can use R2/RT to filter out to a specific position. Click a player and you’ll be brought to their overview screen, where you can see their primary statistics and alter the deal you’re offering them. You can also go to the skills section, and see where that player ranks overall among players in their position and check out their in-game traits to see if they are a good fit.

Usually, the default offer will be successful as it matches it up with that player’s needs, but occasionally you’ll need to give more if that player has an issue with playing for your team for whatever reason. However, if your salary cap is tight, you may want to consider nickel and diming them a little by trying to get them to accept a smaller contract than what is defaulted to save you some extra cash. If the player accepts, you can find them in your depth chart and move them around wherever you desire.

That’s all there really is to it for signing free agents in Madden 17. Be sure to leave a comment if you’re still having trouble.

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