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Luke Cage Fights for Harlem in His New Trailer

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Luke Cage Fights for Harlem in His New Trailer

You have to fight for what’s right, every single day.

The wait for Marvel’s Luke Cage is unbearable, especially when cool posters and trailers keep being released. True to their word, the upcoming Netflix show has a brand new poster, and it’s pretty great.

Having returned to his hometown of Harlem, Luke (Mike Colter) finds himself going up against crime boss Cornell Stokes, who’s using his men to shake up the city and control it. You think it’d be easy for Luke to deal with them, what with his bulletproof skin, but Stokes has got a lotta men, and a whole lotta guns.

Guess that’s why he’ll be a Defender, though, because someone has to stick up for the little guy. And sometimes that involves letting crooks break their bones on your face. For long time comic fans, the trailer even manages to get in a nice reference to his classic getup with the tiara and cuffs.

Marvel’s Luke Cage comes to Netflix on September 30.

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