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It Looks Like Mads Mikkelsen Might Star in Kojima’s Death Stranding, Here’s Why


It Looks Like Mads Mikkelsen Might Star in Kojima’s Death Stranding, Here’s Why

Death Stranding just got a lot more interesting.

Since January, Hideo Kojima and his new team at Kojima Productions have been hard at work on Death Stranding, which Kojima himself announced back in June at E3. We’ve known for a while that The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus will star in the game, but now it’s looking like one of Kojima’s other favorite actors, Mads Mikkelsen, will also play a major role. And here’s why.

Two days ago, Kojima tweeted a picture depicting an actor likely receiving facial capture for the upcoming game, a practice that his previous title MGSV took advantage of, as well as many AAA games nowadays.

It’s not abnormal for Kojima to skate close to the edge in his tweets and “almost but not quite” reveal some key information on the game. And if it weren’t for the following, this picture wouldn’t have revealed much about anything.

But that same day, a fan posted the following selfie with Mikkelsen on Instagram. You can clearly see Mikkelsen wearing the same orange jacket with gray lining that also appears in Kojima’s picture.

mads mikkelsen

This might even be considered a big coincidence, except that the fan stated that Mikkelsen was vague about the project he’s working on, but said that it’s “a Japanese game.” That’s fairly damning, but there’s also the fact that Kojima is a huge fan of Mikkelsen, and loves getting actors in his games that he’s previously been a fan of (cough, Keifer Sutherland).

With a cast like Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen, Death Stranding, if anything, is bound to be interesting.

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