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Holtzmann’s Glasses from Ghostbusters are Really Nice, and Pretty Affordable


Holtzmann’s Glasses from Ghostbusters are Really Nice, and Pretty Affordable

Ghostbusting in style.

If you’ve seen the Ghostbusters 2016 movie, you probably have a favorite character. If that character isn’t Holtzmann, you should probably rethink your life decisions. In all seriousness, though, Holtzmann has quickly become one of the more popular characters in the movie reboot, and that means she’s sure to become a cosplay goal for many fans and cosplayers out there.

Of course, no Holtzmann cosplay would be complete without the pair of iconic glasses that she sports in the movie. Luckily for you, you can now purchase a pair of very similar-looking glasses online. And at a pretty affordable price as well. They’re currently priced at $87. The Sterline 23 Spectre glasses are now available for preorder, and it’s worth noting that the first run of the Spectres had completely sold out before the premiere of the movie.

holtzmann ghostbusters glasses

‘Are you afraid of Ghosts? You won’t be with The Sterling 23 Spectre. Are you a Cosplayer of GB? The first run of Spectres Sold out before the premiere of the new film.  The Spectre is the most authentic Side-Shield Glasses on the Market today.  This is another limited run and are available for pre-order with a delivery date to me of November 15 and then shipped out to you.’

If you want to complete your Ghostbusters look, it might be wise to jump on these quickly.

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