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Hitman Is Planned to Last for Three Seasons

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Hitman Is Planned to Last for Three Seasons

Agent 47 has a bright, episodically formatted future ahead.

We’re only halfway through the first, but IO Interactive has already stated that their latest interpretation of Agent 47 is planned to last for at least three seasons, which is essentially three separate games.

In response to a question on Twitter, Hitman’s official page had this to say about the series’ future plans.

Currently, this year’s Hitman is being released via episodic installments, with a new mission being available to download every few months, free for players who have bought the Full Experience for $60.

This season is supposed to last for 7 episodes, with a bunch of extra content – such as illusive target missions – thrown in for good measure.

IO Interactive and Square Enix have not even officially announced a second season of Hitman yet, but it looks as though this episodic distribution model – which caused some controversy when it was first announced – is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

The fourth chapter for Hitman – “Club 27” – is set to release this August 16th, and takes place in Bangkok.

Stay with Twinfinite for more news on Hitman as it arrives.


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