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Lead Hearthstone Designer Addresses Priest Class and Purify Criticisms

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Lead Hearthstone Designer Addresses Priest Class and Purify Criticisms

Things aren’t lookin’ so good for Priest.

The Priest class has been suffering in the current Hearthstone meta, and it may not be getting much better moving forward in the new expansion, One Night in Karazhan. All of the new expansion cards have been revealed and the Hearthstone community has seen backlash over the fact that each new Priest card doesn’t seem to fix the current issues the class currently faces.

One new card in particular, Purify, has been the subject of major criticisms, which prompted the lead designer for Hearthstone, Ben Brode, to speak out on its behalf. In an episode of his series, Designer Insights, Brode discusses the team’s decision to include the new card as well as their vision of Priest’s future. You can check out the video below:

It looks as though Brode and the rest of the team understand the community’s feelings about the weakness of Priest, going so far as to say, “Purify is absolutely the wrong card for that environment. Knowing what we know, we would have put a different card in there given that environment. So I think we messed that up.” However, Brode did continue to say that he believes the card is good for the game, but may have been better implemented within a different set.

As far as the class’ future is concerned, Brode and the team do recognize the situation it is in. “I still have some hopes for Priest, but if it doesn’t happen, we’ll make changes going forward,” says Brode. For Arena players, you won’t have to worry about Purify affecting balance as the card will not be featured in the Arena format.

The Hearthstone community is filled to the brim with passionate players who want to see the game grow and thrive, so it isn’t surprising to see emotion over a situation like this. However, it is nice to see the dev team attempt to communicate their decisions directly to their player base. Hopefully Priest will see changes coming in the future, but as for now, we’ll have to take solace in knowing the dev team is aware of the problem.


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