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Gravity Rush 2 Introduces a Colorful Cast of New Characters and Locations

gravity rush 2

Gravity Rush 2 Introduces a Colorful Cast of New Characters and Locations

Meet the neighbors.

Gravity Rush was a vibrant game with an colorful anime art style, that released near the beginning of the PlayStation Vita. Its quirky cast of characters, and mind bending gravity based gameplay helped make it a bit of a cult classic. The sequel, Gravity Rush 2, looks to have just as colorful of a cast as the original did.

Sony took some time over on the PlayStation Blog to introduce some of the new locales you’ll be visiting in the game, along with some of the characters you’ll be meeting along the way.

After the events of the first game Kat and her friend Syd are caught in a gravity anomaly and transported far away from the town of Hekseville, ending up at a mining settlement called Banga. Another location called “The Rift Plane,” was also announced. Here giant stone tablets will give Kat clues on how to proceed, and she can find some valuable rewards if the ventures into the Nevi infested land.

gravity rush 2

People make their living in the town of Banga by collecting gravity ore, and it’s an odd mix of houses and boats that are dotted all over the place. Kat’s mysterious cat friends Dusty is not by here side at the beginning of the game, making her powerless, and so she and Syd must begin to work with the residents of Banga and earn their keep. Here’s a few of the inhabitants of the city that Kat and Syd will meet during their journey, with descriptions straight from the PS Blog.


gravity rush 2

“Lisa is the strong and short-tempered leader of the Banga Settlement. Ever the realist, she inspires both fear and respect in the villagers but always prioritizes the safety of the settlement.”

gravity rush 2 vogo

“Vogo is a merchant, and head of “Sun Shipping.” He regularly does business with a variety of clients, and is rumored to be involved with the illegal buying and selling of military supplies. His plans for Banga are less than noble.”


gravity rush 2

“Cecie is a quiet and reserved girl who works as a herder within Banga. As Lisa’s adopted daughter, Cecie is usually on the receiving end of her mother’s strict teachings. When she runs away from home, Kat is asked to track her down.”


gravity rush 2

“Fi is Vogo’s bodyguard and close aide. His quiet and cold demeanor is accompanied by a proficiency in martial arts, and he regularly intimidates those who resist Vogo’s demands.”


gravity rush 2

“Misai is the top miner in Banga, and one of Kat’s biggest critics. His stubbornness leads him into dangerous mining missions in order to prove his worth.”

Gravity Rush 2 launches on December 2, exclusively on PlayStation 4. The game will employ the same storytelling techniques as the first one, with a mix of open world exploration and comic book story scenes.

What do you think of Gravity Rush 2’s new characters? Are you a fan of the first game, or are you going to try and pick it up before December? Leave a comment below and let us know.




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