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God Eater 2: Rage Burst – How to Unlock and Use Blood Arts


God Eater 2: Rage Burst – How to Unlock and Use Blood Arts

Blood Arts – God Eater 2: Rage Burst

Blood Arts are powerful abilities that members of Blood, the elite God Eaters you’ll work with in God Eater 2: Rage Burst, can use. They work by allowing the player to resonate with their God Arc (the player’s weapon which is actually a man-made Aragami). They aren’t available at the very beginning of the game, so you’ll have to play a bit to unlock them.

After completing all of the Difficulty 1 Standard Missions, an extra Mission will appear, and it will task you with working alongside the Far East Branch (this is right after you meet Emil). Once you complete that mission, a short cutscene will play and it will show you saving Emil’s life with your Blood Art. After this, you will be able to equip a Blood Art for the first time in the game.

You’ll start with a basic one, which will be the lowest one you can get for the weapon you had equipped when you unlocked the abilities. Blood Arts are weapon-specific and are tied to your melee form. They are leveled up by constant use, and as you grow stronger and use them, you will even unlock more Blood Arts for your weapon.

To access your Blood Arts, go to the terminal when you’re back at base and head to your Loadout. Scroll down to the slot where you equip your Arts (right above Bullets) and you’ll be taken to the menu that governs these powerful new abilities. Use L1 and R1/LB and RB to cycle between weapons then choose the skill you want to use. You’ll have only basic skills (green background at first), but over time you’ll unlock new levels for each Blood Art which grant different bonus such as increased damage and other perks.

The only way to unlock more is to continuously use the ones you have. By examining a Blood Art, you can see what will help further its development as well. Under the skills name will be a small instruction you can follow to unlock that skill, so remember to check your terminal often for more potential skills so you can see exactly what’s needed to gain more power. This is also where you’ll find out how to use these skills. They can be basic attacks that are upgraded, combos, Burst attacks, or other abilities. Each one has a different use and input, so always make sure it fits your play style. A cool name isn’t the only thing you should be checking out.

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