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God Eater 2: Rage Burst – How to Devour


God Eater 2: Rage Burst – How to Devour

How to Devour – God Eater 2: Rage Burst

Devouring is the act of consuming a piece of an Aragami (the beasts you’ll encounter in the game). It’s the player’s means of collecting materials from a corpse, and a way to power themselves up during a match. All you need in order to devour is a God Arc in melee mode and a target. Once that’s all set up, you’re ready.

To devour an Aragami, first get in range. It’s not a long rage attack, so you’ll want to flank them, or do so from up front if they’re stunned. When you first start the game you’ll have two different types of this action, and more will unlock as you progress. The different methods are:

Regular – Hold Triangle/Y until your God Arc fully transforms into that weird black beast then release. This earns you the most Burst meter as you play, completely filling it to the current level’s limit.

Quick – R1+Triangle/RB+Y. This method is much faster than the regular version, but you gain less Burst meter. It’s very useful against quick bosses, or when you’re just trying to keep your meter up.

Air – Jump (X/A) then press R1+Triangle/RB+Y. Works just like a quick devour, only this can be used in air. Unlocked as you progress through the game.

Dash – Dash towards an Aragami with Circle/B, then hit R1+Triangle/RB+Y to perform an instant devour. Gives a low amount of Burst, but is perfect against fleeing opponents or when fighting a fast Aragami.

The best method to use when simply trying to collect materials after a victory is the quick devour. But each different type serves its purpose in battle. Stay aware of your situation and you’ll always know which one to use when playing God Eater 2: Rage Burst.

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