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God Eater 2: Rage Burst – How to Change Your Appearance


God Eater 2: Rage Burst – How to Change Your Appearance

Appearance – God Eater 2: Rage Burst

While being able to dish out tons of damage and work with a team are probably the most important factors in God Eater 2: Rage Burst, looking the part comes up as a close third. I mean, yeah you killed those towering Aragami, but did you look cool enough to make it on the news? There are a lot of customization options in the game that will help you create a unique look for your God Eater. Changing your character’s appearance all starts with the terminal.

Access the terminals located by the desk where you collect your missions. Scroll down to loadout and select that menu, then scroll all the way down to appearance. Here you can change your Top, Bottom, Hairstyle, Accessory (usually a hat or hairpiece), Flair (a variety of items and scars), and Hair Color.

As you play through the game you’ll unlock more clothes that you can either purchase or craft. This means that if you’re the type who likes to build extensive wardrobes for your virtual characters, you’re going to have a lot of fun with God Eater 2: Rage Burst. Have fun customizing, and take down those enemies in style.

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