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Survival-Horror Agony’s Gameplay Trailer is Genuinely Terrifying


Survival-Horror Agony’s Gameplay Trailer is Genuinely Terrifying

This may be worse than hell…

Agony is a survival-horror title developed by Madmind Studio and puts the player in the role of a tormented soul stuck in the depths of hell, with your main goal being to uncover why exactly you are stuck in the underworld. It’s a horror game that doesn’t rely on jumpscares but shifts its focus to gruesome imagery to get under the players’ skin, and as the new gameplay trailer below proves, it most definitely succeeds in doing so.

I have personally watched the entire eight minutes to assure you this demo for Agony is completely free of jumpscares, but I must warn you for the graphic imagery, religious symbols, heavy demonic influences and nudity showcased in this trailer. If you have a weak stomach or you have a sensitive side regarding religion in general, I would advise you to click away. I am someone who experiences very little complications with horror titles in general, but the Agony gameplay linked below truly put me in an uncomfortable position as you see lost souls curl up on a floor covered with bones and tentacles that emerge from a river of blood. For those who are brave enough: here you go.

Agony is most definitely a visual beauty built on the Unreal Engine 4 as it does a phenomenal job of establishing the desired, almost suffocating atmosphere. Thick clouds of dust fog up the surrounding area, flickering flames light up the treacherous way ahead and mysterious, colored particles encourage you to push on to uncover the game’s secrets despite its unsettling tone.

Agony is expected to hit Steam sometime in 2017. If you can find the courage to play it by then, that is…

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