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Get Brand New Skins and More in Overwatch’s Summer Games Collection, Now Live


Get Brand New Skins and More in Overwatch’s Summer Games Collection, Now Live

Start cracking open your loot boxes!

Since its release back in May, Overwatch’s portfolio of skins, highlight intros, and player icons have been stagnant. But today, in one fell swoop, Blizzard is dropping over 100 new seasonal goodies into the mix with the Summer Games Collection.

From now until August 22nd, Overwatch Loot Boxes will have a slightly new look, and each one is guaranteed to have at least one item from the collection. The new skins, highlight intros, sprays,etc. are inspired by summer sports and the Olympics, and will only be available to unlock throughout the course of this event.

As a bonus, Blizzard has also added a new seasonal game mode, called Lucioball. Think Griffball from Halo, but with an entire roster of Lucios. The game pits Lucios against each other trying to score goals with the ball in the middle of the field.

overwatch sumer 3

The mode changes up a lot of how the character plays to make it work. His primary fire is changed to his melee, so as to “dribble” the ball, his speed boost only affects himself, and his ultimate Sound Barrier pulls the ball in his direction, instead of granting his team shields. The real star of the mode will likely be wallrunning and his alternate pulse shot, which can launch the ball like a projectile.

Blizzard closed the announcement by saying this is only the game’s first seasonal event, and that they have a lot more in the works for the future.


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