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Gears of War 4 Developer Blog Reveals Details on New Multiplayer Features


Gears of War 4 Developer Blog Reveals Details on New Multiplayer Features

Kills count for something, right?

Although players got a taste of Gears of War 4’s online multiplayer a few months ago with the beta, details have been largely sparse on the ins and outs of the upcoming game’s fully-featured online multiplayer. Recently however, Gears of War 4 developer The Coalition has released some information regarding multiplayer customization, unlocks, and other multiplayer-based specifics on their Developer Blog.

As they discuss, there will be Credits, which are earned through simply playing the game on any multiplayer-based mode, including Horde and Versus. These Credits can be used to buy Gears Packs. Gears Packs contain player customization content, including characters, weapon skins, abilities, and emblems.

Additionally, the Developer Blog indicates that in the game Ranks will determine your skill level based on a number of matches the player initially completes and will place you with other players based on that skill level. Accordingly, if the player proves they are worthy, they may be promoted to the next rank or the next tier, of which there are 3, within that rank.

Finally, Re-Ups will be returning from Gears of War 3. Essentially, once the player reaches Level 100, they can re-up, meaning they start back at Level 1 and make their way back up from there. There will be an icon signify what Re-Up the player is at and there will be rewards waiting for players who complete Re-Ups.

This is a wealth of information to take in. The Coalition seems to be putting the work in to make the multiplayer experience as deep as possible. We’ll see how it all comes together later this year when Gears of War 4 releases on Oct. 11.


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