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Gamescom 2016: What to Expect From Sony


Gamescom 2016: What to Expect From Sony

What does Sony have in store for us?



Rumors have been swirling around that Sony will finally be unveiling the PS4K, which has since become known as the PS4 NEO, at an upcoming PlayStation event in September. While these reports should be taken with a grain of salt, they definitely do make some sense. Back in June, Microsoft gave the first bits of official information on the Project Scorpio, an updated Xbox One that will be capable of full VR support and 4K gaming. It would only make sense that Sony would soon after follow up with their own updated hardware, especially since they’ve already confirmed its existence.

While that event is in September, some weeks after Gamescom, the company has been known to prepare for reveals by letting slip a few things, in order to save time when they finally do take the grand stage. If Sony is indeed going to show off new hardware next month, there’s a chance they’ll have some introductory details this week at Gamescom.

Of course, even if the company did bring some NEO, there’s no telling what information would come along with it. Perhaps we’ll get some insight into the specs and capabilities of the new device, maybe we’ll even get to see the thing in action. The safer bet, though, is that we’ll end up with the PS4 unveiling all over again – whole lot of information, but no shiny box to gawk at.

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