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For All the Love Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Rowlet Has, It’s Got the Lamest Z-Move


For All the Love Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Rowlet Has, It’s Got the Lamest Z-Move

Today’s new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer brought a lot of new features into the fold. Trainers in the new generation will be riding new Pokemon, taking on The Island Challenge, and dancing to activate powerful Z-Moves. These attacks can be unleashed once per battle, and each type of Pokemon will have a special Z-Move unique to it.

Now for the facts, Rowlet has the scientifically worst Z-Move. The internet’s beloved owl, in the face of Litten’s epic Inferno Overdrive and Popplio’s devastating Hydro Vortex, is the proud user of Bloom Doom.

First up, the name

Bloom Doom.

Nothing in the history of nature has ever struck less fear than a bloom. This is a bloom:

Oh no.

 Please, have mercy.

Anything but that.


This is Doom:


Now let’s compare the visuals

Popplio’s Hydro Vortex: Suddenly plunged underwater. Deadly whirlpool. Getting beat up inside said whirlpool.

Litten’s Inferno Overdrive: Wall of flaming death. Nuclear explosion. Incinerates the very ground.

Rowlet’s Bloom Doom: Field of flowers. Enveloped in flowers. Emerge from a flower.

The horror.

What about Damage?

Pikachu’s Gigavolt Havoc: A gigavolt is one billion volts. Let’s put that in bolded zeroes.

1,000,000,000 volts.

Scientifically, it’s not volts that kill you, it’s current (amps). But one billion volts would kill you. Of that we are certain.

Hydro Vortex: Popplio will actually drown you. Vicious.

Inferno Overdrive: Your skin is less fire resistant than dirt. This Z-Move made the dirt explode.

Bloom Doom: Imagine the pain. All of those flower petals brushing against your skin with slight pressure. It would probably not be the least bit therapeutic.



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