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Final Fantasy XV Gets New Screenshots Detailing Cooking, Chocobos, Link Attacks and More

Final Fantasy XV, chocobo

Final Fantasy XV Gets New Screenshots Detailing Cooking, Chocobos, Link Attacks and More

Look at all that delicious food.

As the release of Final Fantasy XV draws closer, Square Enix has started sharing even more information on the game. Today they released a host of screenshots from the game along with tons of new details on Chocobos, Cooking, Camping, Equipment and Link Attacks. You can find the details down below.


Final Fantasy XV, equipment

The “Equipment” menu lets you set up to four weapons that you want to use in battle, as well as three accessories that will grant various effects. You’ll also have the ability to change the equipment of Noctis’ party members, who’s strategies in battle will change drastically based on the weapons and commands they have equipped.

Each character has completely different “commands” they can use, that include abilities like attack types and support types. The player triggers these commands actively during battle. All three party members will also have one main weapon and one sub weapon they can equip.

Link Attacks

Final Fantasy XV

Link attacks are powerful cooperative techniques Noctis can use with his friends in battle. The attack will differ depending on what weapon Noctis himself has equipped. For example, Prompto passes Noctis his gun and Noctis will give over his sword before they initiate a link attack.

Links also change based on your parties equipment, and different moves can be used because of that. In this case, if Gladio has a Shield equipped he can use an attack where he uses Noctis’s back as a stepladder to jump up, and deliver a crushing blow to the enemy.


Final Fantasy XV

There are three different types of “lodgings” in the game, that will be indispensable to Noctis and his crew. These are classified into, camps, trailer houses and inns.

Camps – Camping can only be done at safe points known as “marks,” where enemies cant’ approach the party. At camp you’ll be able to sleep and eat, of course not having to pay for anything. Ingredients are required for Ignis to cook at camp, but you’ll be able to apply buffs to your party by doing so.

Trailer House – Trailer Houses are scattered throughout the world at various points. The benefits of these are that they come relatively cheap, and each one comes with a variety of bonuses. You won’t be able to eat any of Ignis’ cooking unfortunately, so no buffs for your party.

Inns – Inns are of course the most expensive of rest areas, but they apply largely useful bonuses for your party. You still won’t be able to eat any of Ignis’ cooking at Inns unfortunately.


Final Fantasy XV

One of Ignis’ main skills is his ability to cook, which in turn can apply status boosts to the party for the next day. Again, his cooking is only available when you make camp and not at Trailer Houses or Inns. Cooking does require ingredients, which can be obtained through battle and exploration. If you obtain ingredients you haven’t ever found before, there’s a chance Ignis could also learn a new recipe. Chocobos can be given meals at camp as well, raising their level.

At hotels and diners throughout the world you’ll have a chance to eat meals you can’t find anywhere else.


Final Fantasy XV

The giant yellow birds of the Final Fantasy series return in XV, and by riding on their backs you can quickly travel throughout the world. After players have met certain requirements in the game, they can rent a Chocobo. They’ll need to pay a fee at the “Chococbo Ticket Machine,” in accordance to the number of days they would like to keep the Chocobo. At that point they’ll receive a “Chocobo Flute” item as well.

Final Fantasy XV launches on September 30 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Be sure to take a look at the rest of the screenshots in the gallery below.

What do you think of Final Fantasy XV’s lodging and equipment systems? Is it one of your must-have games of the fall? Let us know down in the comments.


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