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Final Fantasy XV’s Gameplay Will Change for Each Character DLC Episode

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Final Fantasy XV’s Gameplay Will Change for Each Character DLC Episode

A taste of different styles.

It was recently revealed that Final Fantasy XV would have a season pass that included DLC dedicated to each of Noctis’ companions – Ignis, Prompto, and Gladio. It wasn’t exactly clear what players could expect from those DLCs outside of the obvious indication that they would revolve around each specific character. Speaking to IGN at Gamescom, the game’s director, Hajime Tabata, finally gave some insight on what to expect.

Each character episode will focus on that particular hero’s style or talents. As an example, Tabata explained that the Gladio episode will feel much more like an action game, relying on skill and combat rather than leveling up. “It’s about how technically you play the game,” he stated. “All we need to do with the Gladio episode is have it close to that kind of gameplay. The idea behind that is not to make it a harder or more complex action game. It’s to give people the opportunity to enjoy controlling the character of Gladio in a more action format.”

Of course, that action style suits Gladio because that’s what he offers in the main game, physical combat is his strength. Prompto, on the other hand, relies on guns to do his work, so his episode will be adjusted to fit more of a gunplay type of action. And with Ignis, strategy will take front seat as he’s the more tactical member of the party.

Tabata also stressed that these episodes are simply in the planning stages as the team is “obviously still concentrating on getting the main game out there.”

These details come not too long after a delay that saw Final Fantasy XV slip out of it’s Sept. 30 release date all the way to Nov. 29.

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