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Final Fantasy XV Directors Talk Post-Game Content, Luna as a New Kind of Heroine, and More


Final Fantasy XV Directors Talk Post-Game Content, Luna as a New Kind of Heroine, and More

The last game Tabata finished was released in 2009.

Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata and Art Director Tomohiro Hasegawa took part in a Gamescom Q&A today, answering fan questions about the game’s Collector’s Edition, Luna’s relationship, and everything in-between.

To start, the developers clarified that the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition will not include the game’s $25 season pass, which adds several pieces of DLC and what looks to be an expansion. They also said they’ve looked into making more of the sold out editions, but were told they could not.

When asked about plans for Final Fantasy Type Next, the codenamed sequel to Type 0, the team said they are focusing on launching Final Fantasy XV before starting any other projects. As for FFXV leaks, they said they won’t stop any talk or rumors going around, but that no leaks they’ve seen have “got everything right.”

They continued to share the last games they’ve completed; for Hasegawa, it’s Heavy Rain, and for Tabata, it’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. They’re all very busy, they added, probably because these games released over five years ago.

Tabata shared that because he likes to go outside, he most relates to Gladio out of FFXV’s cast. Hasegawa said he’s most like Ignis because, “I was in charge of food.” Hasegawa also shared that out of the collection of Final Fantasy games, he has the most fond memories of working on FFX, having designed Sin.

The next fan question revolved around Noctis and Luna, and the kind of love story players would see unfold between them.

“We have included those themes but it’ll be different to say Tidus & Yuna in FFX,” was the response. “Luna is a strong modern woman & this comes across in her relationship with Noctis. She’s a different kind of heroine to previous FF ones.”

When asked about the possibility of post-game content, the devs said they wouldn’t “say too much” but that there will be areas and monsters accessible only once the base game is completed.

Lastly, when players finally get their hands on Final Fantasy XV, what will the directors be doing?

“I’ll play the latest Civilisation game,” said Tabata.

Hasegawa responded, “I want to go on holiday!”

Final Fantasy XV releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 29.

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