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Farmville 2: What Horses Do


Farmville 2: What Horses Do

Farmville 2 – Horses

Farmville 2 allows players to return to the farming life right on Facebook. You’ll deal with a variety of different livestock in your time with the game, and naturally, you might be wondering what horses can do for you. It’s a normal thing to wonder, after all, why waste your resources for an animal you can’t really use. You’re not going to be riding it, right?

Horses give you horseshoes when they are well-fed, which are very valuable. They tend to drop two of them, each selling for 150 coins. Not bad for one animal, right? Well, it comes with a price, as horses are higher level livestock and will take you awhile to get to that point. They also take longer to have to feed (six hours), and more feed to do it (six). But, if you happen to get them to the prized level, they’ll drop you saddles. These sell for 250 coins a pop, so I guess it’s totally worth putting up with all neighing and cuteness, eh?

Now that you know all about horses, be sure to expand into Camarillo Country (the plot of land with a white horse roaming on it that you can expand to), and then buy them from the store whenever you want!

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