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Fallout New Orleans Trademark Appears, But Seems Doubtful


Fallout New Orleans Trademark Appears, But Seems Doubtful

Not so fast.

A trademark filing for a Fallout New Orleans logo has appeared on the European Intellectual Property Office (via NeoGAF user ekim). There isn’t any further information at this time, but this could point to a new interim title in the same mold as Fallout New Vegas, which was released two years after the third game.

There are, however, several caveats here. The most glaring concern is the lack of registration information, namely the owner. The EUIPO states the applicant information will be provided only once the filing fee is paid. There is some question surrounding the logo itself, which appears to be of quite low quality – this doesn’t necessarily point to a fake, but it is odd nonetheless. It is also a strange name given that Bethesda hasn’t used real-world names for Fallout titles, instead opting to riff on them like they did with New Vegas and The Commonwealth.

If there is any truth behind the filing, then it will be interesting to see if Obsidian Entertainment will take up a similar development role to the one it had for Fallout New Vegas. While trademarks are by no means a guarantee or any kind of announcement, Bethesda may be considering a follow up to Fallout 4, given how successful the game has been.

If a New Orleans Fallout does hold true, then it’s yet another game to jump on the boat to Louisiana. Red Dead Redemption’s supposed sequel seems to feature a location called New Bordeaux, which could be a fictionalized version of New Orleans. Hangar 13 and 2K Czech’s upcoming Mafia III also features a Louisiana setting. Given the welcome changes Fallout 4 brought to the environment of Boston – more diversity, changing weather, city environments – a New Orleans wasteland could be an exciting place to explore.

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