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F1 2016: How to Save


F1 2016: How to Save

F1 2016 is out and offers wannabe racecar drivers the chance to put their skills to the test against the drivers of the current season. Formula One has always been somewhat of an endurance sport with practice sessions, qualifying, and the main Grand Prix event taking place over one busy weekend. F1 2016 replicates this experience, but that can mean that you’ll need to put your controller down in between practice sessions and step out of your car.

F1 2016 uses an autosave feature, and it tends to save at the most significant times. If you’ve just come off the track and returned to your team’s lobby, you can rest assured that the game has saved your progress. However, to be extra sure, before you turn your console off, simply exit the mode and back out to the main menu.

To do this, press start, and then select the ‘Exit to Main Menu’ option. When you do this, you’ll see a spinning wheel in the top left-hand corner which lets you know the game has successfully saved where you were up to in the season. You can now rest easy that you’re not going to have to race that 60 lap Grand Prix around Bahrain again until next season.

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