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F1 2016: How to Do Tyre Management, Track Acclimatization, and More in Practice Sessions


F1 2016: How to Do Tyre Management, Track Acclimatization, and More in Practice Sessions

Practice Sessions in F1 2016 are an incredibly useful way to learn the twists, turns, and straights of each track. Not only will this help you to minimize mistakes when it comes to the Grand Prix weekend, it’ll also allow you to work out the best tyres to use on the track, and when the best opportunities to overtake your opponents will be.

While this is all well and good, Practice Sessions can actually be used for a lot more in F1 2016. The game will mention that there are trials such as Tyre Management and Track Acclimation that you can do in these sessions, but it won’t tell you exactly how to do them. Heading out onto the track won’t allow you to automatically start taking on these trials. Instead, you have to manually opt to do them in order to get those sweet Resource Points as your reward.

In order to initiate one of these trials, all you have to do is press Square or X when you’re sat in the pit lane. A member of your crew will place a screen directly in front of you which will tell you a number of interesting facts such as the lap time leaderboard, how busy the track is, and what team objectives you’ve been set. You’ll also see here Track Acclimatization, Tyre Management, and Qualifying Pace. Now all you have to do is click on the trial you want to do and then confirm you want to head out onto the track. You’ll be given the option of a Flying Start or starting out from the pit lane. Which one you choose is entirely up to you.

You’re free to do these as much as you like over the Practice Sessions leading up to qualifying and the Grand Prix, so be sure to make sure you max out the number Resource Points you can get from these so you can buy the most upgrades for your car as possible.

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