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F1 2016: How to Change Difficulty Settings


F1 2016: How to Change Difficulty Settings

Learning the ropes of F1 2016 can be pretty tough. But, with the help of the in-game tutorials and the practice sessions at your disposal, you’ll soon find yourself miles ahead of the pack of cars that was previously leaving you in the dust. While everyone loves to win, things can get a little boring when there’s no challenge. Here’s how to raise the difficulty.

When in your Career, Pro Career, or Championship, you’ll find that when you press Start and go to the game settings that many of the settings options, including AI difficulty, are grayed out. In order to change difficulty then, you’ll have to exit out of the game back to the main menu and load your save up again.

As your save is loading, the settings menu should open up in front of you. Then, all you’ll want to do is flick over to Preferences and then select Race Settings. From here, go down to AI Difficulty. Move it up (or down if you’re finding yourself at the back of the pack all too often) however many settings until you feel the challenge will test your abilities. Now, wait for the game to load and you’ll find your fellow drivers have learned a thing or two in those 30 seconds it took to load.

F1 2016 also offers a number of other ways to increase the difficulty without just making the other drivers better. There are a number of driving assists that can be turned on or off to varying degrees to tailor the difficulty to your experience level. No longer need the driving line? You can get rid of it entirely, or just have it appear around corners. Play around with these settings to find the optimal assists for your skill level.

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