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Evolve Launches a New ‘Experimental’ Co-Op Mode Today


Evolve Launches a New ‘Experimental’ Co-Op Mode Today

Stage 2 continues in a big way.

Evolve is a game that has really lived up to its name in the past month. Back in July, Turtle Rock announced that the 4v1 shooter would be shifting and re-branding itself to Evolve Stage 2, and also be free-to-play moving forward.

This had the immediate impact of a new influx of players, and today, Turtle Rock has announced and launched a brand new co-op mode in the game, which they’re calling “co-op operations.” And you can play the first one right now on the PC version.

For those saying “Evolve already has a co-op mode,” you’d technically be right! But that mode is merely a standard match of Evolve that replaces the monster with an AI. The studio describes this first co-op operation, The Deepest Dark, as “linear four-player co-op experience built within the Evolve universe.” Turtle Rock describes this new mode as “experimental,” and said it could be “the seed from which more co-op vs. AI ops (or maybe even a campaign of ops) could grow from.”

Turtle Rock also provided an official description of the mission itself, to give you a feel for how pace of the mission. “At the start of the operation, the Hunters are greeted by an ominous voice setting the scene and alluding to the events that have led to the Queen of Gorgons taking over a Wraith containment facility and the surrounding area,” they said.

“As the team makes their way to the Queen’s lair, they’ll face hordes of infected wildlife and Gorgon minions that spawn from the Queen’s eggs. Can the Hunters survive and take down the Queen of Gorgons to uncover why she’s on Shear?”

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