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What’s New in Madden NFL 17? Everything You Need to Know


What’s New in Madden NFL 17? Everything You Need to Know

Everything worth knowing going into Madden NFL 17’s release.

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Franchise Mode Gets a Lot of Love

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Out of all the core modes in Madden NFL 17, Franchise by far gets the most love this year in terms of updates and new stuff to do.

Draft Champions has established itself as a reoccurring feature after a strong debut last year; while Ultimate Team always gets a lot of attention because of how popular (and profitable) it is. The bulwark of the series, Franchise, always felt like the forgotten older sibling. Not this year though.

Most notable this year in Madden NFL 17’s Franchise mode is Big Decisions; a new feature that highlights and dramatizes some of the most important moves on and off the field that you make throughout a year such as whether or not to cut a player, or start a back-up QB. It admirably serves a dual purpose of reminding newer players about an important choice that they should probably weigh in on, while also adding some juice to otherwise mundane tasks that veterans have been doing for years.

Also, there’s a new game plan feature which ties into the game’s usually pretty boring pre-game practice. Now before a game, you can elect to participate in practice and choose an offensive/defensive game plan based on your opponent’s tendencies. The game will highlight a couple of plays that should work well on both sides of the ball, and during the actual game, you can see those plays highlighted for you to remind you.

Finally is the Play The Moments feature, which is a godsend for players looking to go through multiple years of Franchise in a reasonable amount of time. Play The Moments is a new Super Sim feature that cuts the game time by about 2/3, allowing you to quickly wrap up games in about 15-20 minutes. What it does is sim most of the game, but parachutes you in on the game’s most important plays such as the opening drive, 4th quarter comebacks, red zone plays, and more. For people like me that really enjoy the off season stuff, this will come in handy this year in Madden 17.

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