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Elder Scrolls: Legends – How to Play


Elder Scrolls: Legends – How to Play

Start collectin’ those cards!

With Elder Scrolls: Legends hitting open beta with no planned server wipes through its transition to release, there is no better time to download the game and get started on collecting your cards. But it can be confusing and unclear on how to get started with expansive systems like collectible card games. Well, we’re here to guide you to the right path and get you building powerful decks in no time.

Luckily, Elder Scrolls: Legends boasts a very good tutorial, which ends up being incredibly helpful, because although Legends plays very similarly to other card games, like Magic or Hearthstone, it does add some new mechanics too. In this game there are two combat lanes where you can play your creatures: the standard lane and the shadow lane. Creatures in play can only attack enemy creatures within the same lane or the opponent directly. The standard lane doesn’t have any active special effects to it, but the shadow lane gives each creature played into the lane Cover, which prevents the enemy from attacking them for one turn. This is a brand new mechanic to card games and can be difficult to understand at first, but once picked up, it adds a very deep level of strategy. The tutorial does a fantastic job of teaching players this and each other complexity the game holds and is the perfect place to start for anyone new.

The tutorial for the game also leads into the game’s story, which is the best place to start as it ends up giving players the chance to try out and earn an enormous number of cards. The story has 20 chapters to complete and unlocks five playable pre-made decks to get the player started. It will also give the player gold, which is used to buy packs, and soul gems, which are used to craft specifically desired cards. Finally, the story will also raise the player’s level which rewards many of the former bonuses as well as the ability to transform certain cards into more powerful versions of themselves.

Once the story is completed, you’ll be ready to either try your hand at the Arena to earn massive rewards or begin building decks and challenging opponents online. Every new player gets a free run through the Arena, which is the best way to earn rewards quickly. Be careful however, as you’ll have to build a new deck from random cards and beat some very strong adversaries. In Elder Scrolls: Legends, there are five primary attributes a card can take: Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, Agility, and Endurance. Each attribute affects the card’s play style or abilities, such as Strength cards having charge or Willpower cards healing, but each deck can only be comprised of two attributes. There are also neutral cards, which can be played in any deck, and dual-attribute cards, which combine two attributes into a single powerful card. Once you have a solid deck, you’re ready to start challenging opponents online to rise through the ranks to glory.

There you have it. Complete the story, open some packs, and then get to building a crushing deck. Playing through the Arena is a great way to earn some quick rewards, but don’t enter it until you’re comfortable with the game’s many cards and your ability to create a noteworthy deck from scratch. Be sure to spend your gold wisely as well. Packs cost 100 gold, while Arena tickets costs 150. Arena tickets will net you more bang for your buck, but only if you can beat enough opponents to make it worthwhile. So get out there and get to collecting the strongest cards.

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