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Drop Everything, You Can Befriend Animals in No Man’s Sky

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Drop Everything, You Can Befriend Animals in No Man’s Sky


So, we discovered the best thing you can do in No Man’s Sky. If you feed the animals and other non-hostile wildlife you find on planets, they’ll actually be a lot more friendly towards you and will even play with you.

After you feed them, you’ll see a tiny smiley face icon pop up above the animal’s head, indicating that they’re now a lot more affectionate towards you. Most of the animals are pretty shy (aww) and will run away from you, so you’ll have to sprint up to them and hold down the square button to feed them. Each animal has a favorite element they like to consume, so if you have the right element, you’ll automatically feed it with 20 units.

Once you befriend an animal, they’ll run around and play with you, and give you several perks too. They can try to defend you from threats, mine resources for you, and even poop out valuable items. Animals are wonderful. So there you go. When you spot non-hostile wildlife on a planet, give them food!

Here’s a GIF of us playing with this cute little green alien thing after feeding it…

nms eat

We’ve been doing this for about three hours now. Send help.

If you need any help with No Man’s Sky, check out our robust wiki full of guides and tips.

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