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Dota 2: Dark Rift Update Now Live, Adds Underlord And New Post-Game Stats

dota 2 dark rift update adds underlord

Dota 2: Dark Rift Update Now Live, Adds Underlord And New Post-Game Stats

Dota 2’s roster is now just a little bit bigger.

Starting today, the roster of Dota 2 is just a little bit bigger thanks to the addition of Underlord, a brand new hero based on the Pit Lord from the original Defense of the Ancients. As we’ve come to expect from Valve, the company released a new update called The Dark Rift to go along with the new hero and add a few more interesting features to the game.

Underlord is a strength-based support hero that can help his team in various ways while also being more than capable of putting the hurt on his opponents all by himself. The new hero’s bread and butter are two abilities called Firestorm and Pit of Malice, the former being an AoE spell that deals damage over time while the latter is capable of temporarily rooting multiple enemies in place and damaging them.

Underlord’s kit also includes a passive ability called Atrophy Aura, which causes nearby enemies to lose a portion of their strength and as an added bonus, if an enemy dies while under this effect Underlord gains bonus damage for a certain amount of time. To top it all of, Dota 2’s newest hero has an ultimate called Dark Rift that allows him and all nearby allies to be teleported to a friendly unit’s location. Underlord needs a few seconds in order to cast Dark Rift but the delay more than makes up for the ultimate’s huge ganking potential.

In addition to adding a new hero, the new Dark Rift update also introduces a few other changes that every Dota 2 player will likely be very interested in. Specifically, the post-game summary has been expanded to show a lot more data than before. Thanks to the update, players now have more tools at their disposal to analyze their own performance and see how well they did in the last match compared to their teammates, as well as their opponents.

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