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Dictator: Emergence Guide – Tips For How to Win


Dictator: Emergence Guide – Tips For How to Win

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Know the Ways You Can Lose

dictator emergence

In Dictator: Emergence, you can fail in your quest to have a long rule in a variety of different ways. The first, most obvious one, is that you lose as soon as you become bankrupt. So it’s important to always keep your funds above a certain amount to cover the costs, and be able to afford certain expenses. Another way you can lose is if you piss off a faction too much. Get them too low in their approval rating of you and they’ll launch a war on you. A third way you can lose is if a people are too happy and thriving too much thanks to you. That’s right, make a faction too happy (they reach the maximum level of X’s) and they’ll have a revolution against you. And the final way you can lose is by losing a war against your opposition, which is reliant on your army faction’s strength (approval).

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