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Dead by Daylight: How to Get Off the Hook


Dead by Daylight: How to Get Off the Hook

Quit hangin’ around.

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer game that makes four players Survivors, and one a savage Killer. As part of the Killer’s arsenal of weapons¬†are procedurally-generated Meathooks which are used to sacrifice the Survivors to the entity. While this may seem like the ultimate way to finish Survivors off, there is a way that they can get off.

All you have to do to attempt an escape from the hook is to simply hold down the left click on your mouse. Be warned, though, the percentage of successfully escaping ranges around the 5-10% mark, and can cost you 25% of your remaining max health. We do have an additional tip for you, though.

Once you’ve been caught and the Killer starts to gut you on the hook, you’ll want to hold down the left click of your mouse right away. This will give you a total of four chances to escape the hook, rather than the standard three. It’s not much, but when the chances are stacked so heavily against you, any slight improvement to your odds of survival are worth taking.

A quick tip from us is to not always try to escape from the hook. Not everyone needs to be saved for the Survivors to win, so sometimes it’s best to sacrifice yourself and not be the bait by trying to escape and dragging all of your teammates over to help you.

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