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Civilization VI’s Spain Ditches Isabella for the Super Religious Philip II


Civilization VI’s Spain Ditches Isabella for the Super Religious Philip II

Religion comes first for Philip the Second.

Spain has been revealed in the newest First Look for Civilization VI, and it’s ditching Isabella for Philip II. Described as having reigned when Spain was at the “apex of its Golden Age,” Philip II is a staunch defender of his religion. This is reflected in his special ability, El Escorial, which gives his units a combat bonus when fighting units of civilizations that follow other religions. His inquisitors can also remove heresy one extra time, because no one quite expects them.

The Spanish civilization’s special ability is “Treasure Fleet,” which gives it extra yields for trade routes between continents. Spain can also form fleets sooner than other civilizations can.

As for unique units, Spain gets the classic Conquistador, also seen as a unique unit in previous Civilization and Age of Empires games. This time around, the Conquistador gets a bonus if there is a missionary, apostle, or inquisitor on the same tile. They have a religious angle to them as well—if a Conquistador is located next to a city when it is captured, the city is automatically converted to Spain’s majority religion.

Spain also gets the Mission, which is their unique district. It provides faith, and gets a bonus when built on a different continent from the capital. It also gets a science bonus when built next to a campus.

It’s clear that Spain is geared towards a religious victory. El Escorial, Conquistadors, and Missions all come together to give Spain a serious leg up when it comes to building up its religion and converting other cities and Civs. Its naval bonuses encourage expansion into other continents as well. Not unlike the real life Spanish Empire, players who choose Spain will likely be spreading their religion all over the world—one way or another.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI launches worldwide on Oct. 21 and will be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Previous First Look trailers for the game included Germany, Scythia, England, Brazil, France, the Aztecs, Egypt and America.


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