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Civilization VI Dev Rules out Consoles, ‘PC Is Where Civilization VI Fits Best’

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Civilization VI Dev Rules out Consoles, ‘PC Is Where Civilization VI Fits Best’

The door doesn’t appear completely closed.

Civilization VI fans who were hoping Sid Meier’s latest was going to be following Firaxis’ XCOM 2 onto current generation consoles are in for a bit of a disappointment. It appears the folks behind the game would rather it stay as one that only appears on PC (and Mac) for the foreseeable future.

Associate Producer Sarah Darney recently sat down with Stevivor’s Steve Wright to make it clear the newest iteration in the long running series is not planned for the PS4, Xbox One or any other console. During that interview, Darney made it clear only having the main series on PC is the way “it’s always been.”

It’s possible that like XCOM 2, a release date for consoles is going to come at a later date. Firaxis released their real-time strategy game on PC well before they decided to bring it to the Xbox One or PS4. Darney was careful to make it clear, in her comments, that a console port is not currently in the works.

“We don’t have plans to release Civilization VI on consoles at this time. As a studio, we’re very proud of the games we’ve made that have succeeded on console, but we feel that the PC is the platform where Civilization VI fits the best,” she added. It’s the “at this time” that might be able to give console gamers a little hope.

Civilization VI is coming to the PC and Mac on October 21, 2016


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