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Civilization VI’s India is a Religious Powerhouse Led by Gandhi


Civilization VI’s India is a Religious Powerhouse Led by Gandhi

“I’m nuclear, I’m wild”

The newest First Look for Civilization VI shows off India and its classic leader Gandhi. Gandhi’s peaceful resistance was at the forefront of the independence movement that birthed modern India, and this is reflected in his special ability, “Satyagraha.” The ability gives Gandhi a substantial bonus to Faith for every civilization he has met that is not at war and has founded a religion. Other civilizations attacking Gandhi suffer a penalty to their happiness. And also probably a nuke in the face.

India’s civilization ability is called “Dharma”, and it grants the civilization all the follower beliefs of religions present in its cities. India’s unique unit is the Varu, a kind of war elephant that reduces the combat strength of adjacent units, which is understandable considering they’re going up against a goddamn war elephant. India’s unique tile improvement is the Stepwell, which provides housing and food. Additionally, you can get extra food if it’s built next to a farm, and extra faith if it’s built next to a holy site.

Both Gandhi’s and India’s special abilities are geared towards making India a “crossroads for all the religions” in a game. Players playing as Gandhi will have to emphasise inviting as many religions into their borders as possible, and build up their faith to gear up for a religious victory. The Varu looks like an adequate unit for defense, and the Stepwell should allow for plenty of food, if needed.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI launches worldwide on Oct. 21 and will be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Previous First Look trailers for the game included Spain, Germany, Scythia, England, Brazil, France, the Aztecs, Egypt and America.


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