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Civilization VI’s Germany Brings Beards, Boats, and Barbarossa


Civilization VI’s Germany Brings Beards, Boats, and Barbarossa

Bring your own bier.

The latest First Look for Civilization VI is for Germany, most likely timed to coincide with Gamescom, which is currently being held in Cologne, Germany. While Bismarck has been the series’ staple leader for the Germans, this time around we’re seeing a change of guard. Frederick Barbarossa will lead the Germans in this latest entry, and he can be seen complete with his magnificently red beard and shiny plate armor.

Barbarossa’s bonus ability is that his units get a bonus against city-state units, which reflects how the Holy Roman Emperor usually fought independent cities in his lifetime. He also gets an additional military policy slot for government, because you can never have too many hawks telling you to go to war. Germany’s civilization bonus is titled “Free Imperial Cities“, which allows its cities to construct one additional district.

Germany’s unique district is the Hansa, an industrial district that gets a production bonus when placed next to a commercial hub, additional adjacent districts, or resources. As for their unique unit, the Germans get the U-Boat, which is cheap and works wonders in deep oceans.

On the whole, Germany looks like a fairly flexible civilization as far as victory types go. The production bonus should help speed up progress to any victory type, while the U-Boat will be a powerful player in the deep seas. Also, city-states had best keep on their best behavior, considering Barbarossa can probably bulldoze his way through them.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI launches worldwide on Oct. 21 and will be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Previous First Look trailers for the game featured Scythia, England, Brazil, France, the Aztecs, Egypt and America.


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