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Bungie Details Destiny: Rise of Iron Post-Launch Plans

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Bungie Details Destiny: Rise of Iron Post-Launch Plans

Learn more about Destiny’s post-Rise of Iron future.

Bungie recently met with Game Informer to talk the present and future of Destiny after Rise of Iron is released this fall. Ahead of this month’s Rise of Iron cover issue, Bungie and Game Informer released some new information out into the wild. Namely, we learned about how Artifacts are changing, light level increases, and finally, what Bungie plans to do with Destiny after Rise of Iron is released.

Bungie admitted to Game Informer that they want to be more “upfront and open” when it comes to sharing what is in store for Destiny beyond just what is up next. Author Matt Miller got the sense that the team wants to “move toward more clear communication about subsequent content drops.” Exciting stuff if you’re a forward looking Destiny fan.

That move towards transparency got started a little bit today. Bungie told Game Informer that after Rise of Iron is released, they are planning to bring back two popular events from late last year; Festival of the Lost and Sparrow Racing League. Festival of the Lost should be similar, but will feature new masks and some “other surprises.”

Bungie hinted that Sparrow Racing League will be a little different this time around. Apparently, Bungie received feedback about the event from people who didn’t enjoy racing. So SRL will return, with some new Rise of Iron themed tracks, but Bungie also wants to find a way to tie some non-racing related activities into the event. That way people who aren’t fond of racing can find something to get excited about.

If you were a fan of these events, you’re in luck. If you are hoping to learn more about Destiny’s more distant future such as Destiny 2, you’ll have to wait a little longer unfortunately.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is due out on Sept. 20 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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