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Free-To-Play City Builder, Big City Stories, Comes To PS4 Next Week


Free-To-Play City Builder, Big City Stories, Comes To PS4 Next Week

Build a city, but in third-person view this time.

Hellfire Studios will be releasing a free-to-play city builder named Big City Stories on PS4 next week. Other than it being free-to-play, the big twist is that this city building simulator is going to be in third-person as opposed to the birds-eye view of SimCity or Cities: Skylines. The developer has allowed players to go into a street view with just the press of one button without having to load.

To focus on this specific gameplay mechanic, the developers have included customizable avatars that can be outfitted with “a large selection of clothing items and emotes/animations,” a way to drive around the city with different vehicles, objects like stunt ramps and air jets, and mini-games.

Hellfire Games previously worked on projects for the now defunct PlayStation Home. This included Home Tycoon, another city building simulation, and Novus Prime, a space ship multiplayer shooter, which actually had expansions as well as a player base of over one million people. They also developed PlayStation Home Hold’Em alongside Sony Interactive Entertainment America.

Big City Stories releases on the US PlayStation Store on Aug. 23 for PS4. No other platforms have been announced as of yet, and the game will be released in other territories “soon.”


This post was originally written by Chris Penwell.

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